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Common Grain Feeding Challenges

Learn More About the Grain Feeding Challenges That Make Farming Harder Than It Ever Needs To Be

Urinary Calculi

Small pebble-like stones formed in the urinary tract, causing damage to the bladder and blocking the Urethra.


Mild to severe lameness caused by inflammation of the inner layers (laminae) of the hoof.

Scabby Mouth

A viral disease affecting young sheep, causing damage to the lips that may in turn impact on the animal's ability to eat.

A dangerous build up of Lactic Acid in the rumen following fermentation of starchy grains. Also known as "Acidosis"

Grain Poisoning

A scouring disease caused by a parasite infection of the intestinal wall leading to dehydration, weakness and death.


An accumulation of potentially deadly toxins in the intestine caused by the bacterium Colistridium perfringens.

Pulpy Kidney


Many perceive grain feeding as a bit of a high-wire balancing act.  Why?  Because more grain equals faster growth, but as the ration heats up so do the chances of Scours, losses, sore feet, shy feeders and that annoying tail.  And as feeding systems intensify the risks increase, with higher stocking density contributing to greater stress and competition for feed.  Add to that the effects of socialisation and disease and the risks can quickly take the shine off the potential rewards and add a burden of worry, time and effort to what should be a productive and profitable process. The good news is that managing these risks is not impossible - or even all that hard.  All it takes is A) a good understanding of what the risks are, B) a plan for preventing them, and C) knowing where to turn to for the best advice when the unexpected happens...

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Customer Testimonial

A.I.M. Customers Talk About Converter

Converter revolutionises Grain Feeding, with buffering technologies that make it possible to push grain feeding limits safely. Our customers are able to "push the limits" with confidence while enjoying improved animal health and fewer losses at a much lower cost of production. Watch these genuine producers talk about Converter on their farms!



We are Australia's most innovative and successful ruminant production and nutrition experts, offering World leading nutrition additives, practical management systems and advanced technical support proven to produce remarkable results for our our customers.  Ready for remarkable results?  Contact us and see what A.I.M. and 21st Century Nutrition can do for you!

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