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Stress Kills Productivity

Stress can trigger a metabolic melt-down in your precious stock. But you can help affected animals

overcome stress events by supporting Rumen Microbial populations...


The Stress Spiral

Stress leads to loss of appetite leads to a host of other problems including further loss of appetite. How do you manage it?


Product Options

Replenish critical nutrients necessary for optimum Rumen function with Generade Optimum Pellet or Premium Liquid.


How To Use Generade

Watch a quick video that explains in super-simple terms how to apply and get the most out of your Generade Premium Liquid.

The Stress Spiral

Cattle and Sheep are highly sensitive to rapid changes in environment and diet.  Yarding, Transport, Calving and Lambing, Weaning and even severe weather events are all triggers for Stress.  Under these circumstances, Cattle and Sheep can become agitated and lose appetite. For Cattle and Sheep, loss of appetite can have profound consequences.  That's because the microbial populations driving the rumen digestive systems rely on a STEADY throughput of feed and water in order to produce the Energy and Protein necessary to sustain their four-legged host.  If vital populations of microbes begin to die off due to poor or inconsistent feed supply then animals can begin to starve.  And, once they reach this point it can be difficult for them to recover quickly.  This is because, even if the animal begins to eat again, it will take some time before the rumen microbial populations can reproduce and recover their numbers sufficient to generate the Protein & Energy their host needs to survive and thrive. In the mean time, the host can lose significant amounts of weight and suffer a range of related metabolic problems, including Ketosis.  They may even die. Stressed ruminants also produce hormones that can dramatically affect their metabolism, leading to profound changes in the colour and quality of meat (think dark cutters).  They  also tend to excrete more waste, leading to problems with clean up. Regardless of the type of stress event, your challenge is to help your animals maintain (or, in the event of an emergency, regrow) the critical microbial populations their rumens need to return to normal fermentation levels. This means dosing the animals with a supplement containing a rich source of carbohydrates, key minerals and vitamins, specifically designed to help stimulate rumen microbial activity and support the healthy functioning of the animals' underlying energy, immune and metabolic systems. This is usually best done prior to any anticipated stress event, but depending upon the the severity of animal illness it can still be  effective when delivered after the event.  For best results, we urge you to always contact your friendly A.I.M. Techie do discuss, prior to embarking on your recovery program. 


Generade For Yarding & Weaning

Generade For Transport

Are you planning on yarding and/or weaning your animals in the near future?  Even the most gentle handling is going to create some level of stress in your stock.  Consider dosing animals prior to or at the commencement of yarding or weaning to help minimise loss of appetite, agitation and weight loss.

Combine withdrawal from feed with the anxiety caused by being transported across land or sea... it's a fast-track to rapid weight loss and related complications.  Our customers report that animals pre-treated with Generade reach their destination in better condition and typically exhibit a faster return to full appetite and reduced shrinkage.  And you won't believe how much easier it is to clean the truck...

Generade For Recovery

What if you're blindsided by a stress event or there was simply no time to pre-treat your stock before that inclement weather hit?   The good news is that Generade can still be significantly useful in stimulating rumen microbial activity, even if administered after an unexpected stress event.  If you have sick or damaged animals, call an AIM Techie on 1800 106 006 for advice on how to manage animal recovery for best chance of success.

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Generade Product Options

Generade Premium (Liquid)

Generade Premium is a concentrated liquid Vitamin & Mineral supplement containing a specific combination of carbohydrates and Macro & Micro nutrients important to Cattle & Sheep experiencing transition stress.  Premium is available in 10lt, 20lt and 200lt drums, and can also be supplied in 1000lt shuttle by special order.

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Generade Optimum (Pellet)

Generade Optimum is a convenient, concentrated  Vitamin & Mineral supplement pellet containing a specific combination of carbohydrates and Macro & Micro nutrients important to animals experiencing transition stress.  Generade Optimum can be fed on it's own or mixed with hay or grain.  It is available in 25 kg Bags or 1 Tonne Bulk Bag.

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Calculate how much Generade you will need for your stock (for Cattle allow 175 ml/hd/feed, or for Sheep allow 75ml/hd/feed).


Spread out some good quality hay or straw - allow 1.5% of bodyweight per head to provide for even intake.


Measure out the Generade you need and pour undiluted Generade Liquid into a watering can.


Sprinkle the Generade liquid evenly over the hay, avoiding run off where possible.  Allow 20 minutes to dry. That's it!

How To Apply Generade Premium (Liquid):













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