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Put The Guts Back In Your Green Feed



Because The Grass Isn't Always Greener

Tired of watching feed go in one end and straight out the other?

Frustrated by Scours, Bloat and Grass Tetany?  Read On!

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Common Challenges

Learn More About the Green Feed Challenges That Make Farming Harder Than It Ever Needs To Be

Facial Eczema

Mild to catastrophic Photosensitisation and Sunburn resulting from liver damage caused by the toxin Sporidesmin.

Ryegrass Staggers

Perennial Ryegrass Toxicity in its milder forms causes ill thrift and scouring - at it's worst, convulsions and death.


Including Foot Scald and Laminitis, lameness is a serious issue that can prevent animals grazing successfully.

A build-up of rumen gas that can hamper productivity - and at its most severe cause suffering and death.


A persistent Diarrhea caused by nutrient imbalances in green feed, causing illness, loss of productivity and wasted feed.


Also known as Hypomagnesemia, this problem can damage the neuromuscular system, causing convulsions - and death.

Grass Tetany


Grass is always perfect, right?  Wrong.  The nutritional value of green grass can vary dramatically.  Depending upon the type, quality and age of the feed, it can be low in energy, deficient in some critical nutrients or too high in others.  It can also carry toxins.  This is all particularly true for lush, green, fast-growing pastures and fodder crops.


Such nutrient imbalances sap the "guts" from your early season pasture and crops, and  contribute to physiological disturbances that lead to Bloat, Scours & Grass Tetany.


Sick animals mean poor performance, backsliding, and wasted feed.  But you can easily manage Green Feed Challenges like Bloat, Scours and Grass Tetany.  Let us show you how to "put the guts back in your Green Feed" for remarkable results from day one.

Put Guts Back In Green Feed With Grazemax Technology

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Featuring Grazemax Technology

Customer Testimonial


Customer Testimonial

A.I.M. Customers Talk About Grazemax

Ruminants typically waste frightening amounts of precious green feed because the natural balance is never perfect.  Grazemax helps re-balance your green feed, allowing animals to convert feed more efficiently for healthier, more productive animals, paddocks that last longer, and a higher stocking rate.  Or so our customers say!



We are Australia's most innovative and successful ruminant production and nutrition experts, offering World leading nutrition additives, practical management systems and advanced technical support proven to produce remarkable results for our our customers.  Ready for remarkable results?  Contact us and see what A.I.M. and 21st Century Nutrition can do for you!

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